Mini Dong Gua Tea Brick


Lao Tao Ke Dong Gua Tea (aka. winter-melon tea or wax gourd tea) is an authentic and traditional Taiwanese all-year-round beverage. Well known for its winning-hearts-and-minds sweet and unique flavour, Lao Tao Ke Dong Gua Tea is widely used in Taiwanese, Indonesian, Thai, and Malaysian daily beverages.


This mini Lao Tao Ke Dong Gua Tea is perfectly designed for the family. Simply prepare a mug put the tea brick in, add 100 c.c. hot water into the mug to dissolve the tea brick, grab some ice cubes, add to the tea, and tada, chilled Lao Tao Ke Dong Gua Tea is ready for you.


Tips: need some alcohol? Try Dong Gua Tea with whiskey!

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