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Stand honest as sugar cane, deeply rooted in the land.

Forever Sweety, a new yet old Taiwanese sugar processing, distributing and trading company founded in 1991, is the third-largest processing plant across the island, as well as the biggest dong gua tea (aka. winter melon or watermelon’s cousin) manufacturer and exporter in the world.

Forever Sweety firstly focused on producing dark brown sugar and crystal sugar to fulfil domestic demands. As more competitors came around, Lao Tao Ke dong gua tea brick was therefore improved based on traditional recipe in 2000 to segment and widen the beverage markets. Lao Tao Ke, an authentic Taiwanese pronunciation, means an experienced, skilled and honest owner endeavouring to work to support the family. And that is also the reason Forever Sweety was initiated – for the loved ones.

As business is growing and to comply with the advanced global food safety standards, all Forever Sweety plants are certified with HACCP and ISO22000. All Forever Sweety Sugar and Lao Tao Ke products are HALAL certified and are currently exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, China, the U.S., the U.K., the Netherlands, and the global demands of dong gua tea are still expanding.

We are deeply rooted in the land here, growing and winning our clients’ trust through our honest services and products. We are old in Taiwan yet new to the globe. No matter old or new, Forever Sweety and Lao Tao Ke only knows one thing, and that is love wins.